The Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence

recognizes outstanding skilled trades programs at public high schools in the United States.

We define an “excellent” program as one led by a teacher who clearly loves the subject matter and is both highly knowledgeabale and skilled; whose curriculum is matched to a relevant career pathway and future work choices; is designed to flow seamlessly into next-step options, whether to employment or college; encourages exploration and experimentation among students in a safe environment; and connects students to new relationships and worlds outside the classroom.

We will award three first-place prizes of $100,000, with $70,000 going to the high school skilled trades program and $30,000 to the individual skilled trades teacher or teachers behind the winning program. Seven second-place winners will each be awarded $30,000, with $20,000 to the high school program and $10,000 to the teacher or teacher team.

But it’s not just these 10 prizewinners who will walk away with something of value. Every teacher who applies for the prize will get access to powerful ideas and practices, shared through a series of expert-led learning modules available free and online, to help them be even more effective in the classroom. Our goal, like theirs, is to help students flourish.

And there are other winners—your community. By celebrating the best in skilled trades education, we intend to show that there are many ways to use your head (and your hands), and many promising paths to success in life in addition to attending a four-year college.

Semi-finalists will be announced August 7, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Kramer at rkramer@harborfreight.com

About Harbor Freight Tools for Schools

Harbor Freight Tools for Schools, LLC supports the advancement of skilled trades education in America, born out of its founder’s deep respect for the dignity of these fields and for the intelligence and creativity of people who work with their hands. This charitable initiative was created to foster and shine a light on excellence in skilled trades education in American public high schools, and it aims to stimulate greater understanding, support and investment by public entities and others. Top-notch skilled trades education in high school offers pathways to graduation, opportunity, good jobs and a workforce our country needs. Harbor Freight Tools for Schools was founded by Eric Smidt, co-founder, owner and CEO of national tool retailer Harbor Freight Tools, and is now one of the philanthropic programs of The Smidt Foundation.

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